Call it the perfect storm in education: universities struggle for relevancy and even solvency; teacher burnout is higher than ever; students wonder if what they learn is preparing them for success in this century and not the last one.

Versidi was established to address these challenges and more. To create innovative education models that can flourish in this new world. To expand the base of learnings and develop the platforms, products, and services that make the student experience as rewarding as possible. To help improve teacher retention and magnify the impact of educators in the classroom and beyond.

Versidi sees a world of education in which passion replaces apathy, competition replaces attrition, and teaching is the most desirable, sought after, and fought over profession of all.

Education Reimagined

Reimagining education means looking beyond traditional silos and hierarchies to catalyzing self-sustaining communities of learning. It means rethinking the traditional classroom and conventional coursework; digitizing operations to make them more scalable and efficient; and looking critically and deeply at any or all of a school’s operations from marketing to online education, from recruitment to retention, and more.

There’s no uniform approach to solving the specific challenges individual schools face. Addressing such challenges requires deep insight, and the deepest insight involves close collaboration—or really, co-creation—between Versidi and its partner schools and organizations. From its success in reimagining teacher education programs, Versidi is turning its focus to other high-touch programs such as computer science, healthcare and business, accelerating student growth and institutional success.

Education Re-engineered

At heart, re-engineering education involves resetting the way educational institutions define value and think about the marketplace. Versidi recognizes “the reset” as an essential first step to increasing revenues and achieving better outcomes.

Whatever specific challenges they face, schools share a growing sense that their business models are no longer sustainable; that they will need to innovate to prevail, and will need a partner that is inspired by learning and grounded in markets, versed in technology and able to scale, and deep in both resources and empathy.

Of course, the deepest insights also depend on good data. Versidi helps organizations aggregate and analyze the data yielded by their digitized operations, then leverages these insights to drive exponential impact from inquiry to graduation and beyond.