Investing in Resilience & Innovation

Resilient Educator

With a new generation of teachers to guide and inspire, demonstrated by our investment in resilience, Versidi has launched the Resilient Educator Marketplace.

Looking beyond what’s possible in individual schools and districts, our mission is to nurture and cultivate Resilient Educators through unique professional development and career advancement opportunities. The overarching editorial strategy is rooted in support of building resilience in educators and advancing trauma-informed strategies throughout schools and communities.

Resilient Educator comprises articles, guides, and helpful insights produced by teachers, educators, and subject-matter experts and connects our audience of in-market and aspiring teachers and educators at-large with providers of professional development (PD) and career advancement services.

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SHARE Professional Learning


Building on its work for individual universities, Versidi has launched a new platform for teachers designed for widespread adoption. Called SHARE, the platform fosters teacher professional development.

The dramatic loss of trained teachers has created a shortfall of several hundred thousand per year in the US alone. It is becoming one of the single largest challenges facing education today. SHARE supports teacher retention and provides a desperately needed countermeasure to professional burnout.

Unlike highly structured, degree-based approaches, SHARE breaks teacher professional development into smaller units and fosters continuous learning.

SHARE represents the first stage of fulfillment in Versidi’s vision of a global, teacher-driven community network.


Our name is a statement of purpose: We are the Source for Help, Advancement, and Renewal for Educators. There is no one-size-fits all solution to teacher burnout, but the most sturdy support for those in need comes from fellow educators, both those in one’s local educational community and in the profession at-large.

While help may be right next door, sometimes it’s not easy to find the words to ask for it. Sometimes we don’t hear each other’s struggle. Some have been asking for help or offering it for years, but their voices have gone unheard. We can get consumed in the details of a day, which passes without any meaningful conversation or self-reflection. Day after day, frustrations and feelings of helplessness mount until they become overwhelming.

These are human-sized challenges, and their solutions lie in creating stronger human connections. Technology cannot solve this, so rather than thinking of SHARE as a solution in itself, we think of our courses as a catalyst for conversation and growth in local learning communities. By creating intuitive coursework filled with practical guidance and resources from teachers, experts, and designers with different perspectives, we aim to inspire and equip teachers to share their own perspectives, because learning is fundamentally sharing. We’re here to help start the conversation.

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Creative Communication Associates

Creative Communication Associates

Founded in 1983, Creative Communication Associates (CCA) is an award-winning, full-service marketing agency that specializes exclusively in higher education. From small private colleges to large public universities, the Ivy League, specialty schools, and everything in between, CCA partners with institutions nationwide on research, branding, content creation, enrollment strategy, traditional and digital media, and beyond. CCA is guided by the core belief that authentic higher-ed brands connect students to their best lives.

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Online Faculty Support

Versidi is an innovation partner in higher education supporting the promise of education to equip all individuals for a lifelong journey of intellectual growth, personal development, and career success.

Our Online Faculty Support service ensures that students at each of our university partners are taught by faculty who provide an exceptional student experience.  Tailored to meet each university’s specific faculty, program, and course needs, our faculty recruitment service is based on a long track record of attracting and retaining highly qualified, respected educators who significantly contribute to student retention and perseverance.

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Versidi Innovation Services

The Versidi team collectively brings together the capabilities necessary to thrive in today’s digital media landscape. Core to our success has been the ability to create unforgettable experiences that connect with students in meaningful and impactful ways. We deliver this by leveraging digital media innovation, brand strategy and storytelling, cultural insights, and data to gain a deep understanding of what students want, at every step of their journey.

Given the team’s pedigree and proximity, we have developed deep partnerships with leading media platforms including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Through these partnerships, we have gained competitive advantage through early activation of new advertising products and services, allowing us to develop multi-attribution models that enable us to optimize all phases of the student journey.

Capabilities include brand strategy, student journey design, digital and social media management, content marketing, branded programming, data analytics and modeling, CRM, and technology infrastructure and integration.